How it works

Here is

  1. SIGN UP

    Begin riding in minutes

    Download the SoBi app on your mobile device, or on the web at and choose your pass to get started. Ensure that your phone’s GPS is enabled to find bikes available nearby.

  2. Unlock

    Reserve a bike

    Use the app to reserve a bike or simply walk up to it and enter your account number on the bike’s keypad. When prompted, enter your 4-digit PIN to release the lock and start your ride. Remember to ride safely and obey all traffic laws.

  3. HOLD

    Enjoy your time

    The hold feature allows you to make multiple stops during your ride without a parking fee. Press the “HOLD” button and lock the bike to a rack. Just enter your 4-digit PIN to unlock and continue riding.

  4. Lock

    quick & easy!

    When you reach your destination, lock the bike and check the keypad to ensure your trip has ended. Scroll down to see a map of parking locations around the City and visit our pricing page to learn more about parking fees.

Find bikes

System map


How much does it cost

2-day pass


$0.10/min to ride

Perfect for visitors and spontaneous fun-seekers

Valid for 48 hours.

Annual Pass


$0.01/min to ride

Best deal for frequent riders and for people who live or work near Reddy bikes.

Valid for 12 months.

Group Pass

/for up to 4 riders

Ride for $0.10/min
per bike

Explore the city with friends and family with just one registration.

Valid for 48 hours

Niagara Falls Resident Annual Pass

Eligible Niagara Falls residents can redeem a $1.00 annual pass by registering at the Reddy Bikeshare kiosk inside the Niagara Falls Amtrak Station at 825 Depot Avenue West.

Members pay an additional $0.01 per minute to ride, and must be 18 years of age or older with a valid email address and credit or debit card. Parking fees and fines may occur.

Membership Details

  • Use the “HOLD” feature if you need to lock the bike temporarily to avoid any parking costs.
  • Put a bike on hold before locking it to a rack to keep it in your name. Your card will still be charged for the time the bike is placed on hold.
  • Remember to ALWAYS lock the bike to a Reddy rack or a public bike rack.
  • The clock starts on your trip when you reserve a bike via mobile/web.
  • Pass prices do not include sales tax.
  • If you are an Independent Health member you are eligible for a 20% discount off the annual pass. Contact us at to receive a promo code to use during registration. 

Parking Zones & Fees  

- Reddy bike stations: Pick up a Reddy bike from any one of our racks and park them here at no extra cost!

  • Free parking zones: located on Elmwood Avenue in the Elmwood Village, Allen Street, downtown on Main Street, Broadway Market, Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo State College and Canisius College. Can’t find a Reddy rack? No problem, use any public bike rack in this zone and our mechanics will return the bike to a Reddy rack for you. 
  • Public bike racks: park at any public bike rack within city limits for only $2.00. We’ll bring the bike back to a station for you.
  • Bounty bikes: Reddy bikes parked outside of their stations and outside of free zones are bounty bikes! Pick one up and return it to a station and you’ll receive $1.00 in riding credit each time you do so.  

Mobile application

Find and reserve via

SoBi on mobile devices

Not near a computer? Want to reserve that last bike? You can use our mobile application for iOS and Android to find the nearest bikes, hub locations, promotions, and more.

We’re committed to providing a great mobile app experience. We regularly improve existing features while continuing to add new additions to both our web and mobile app. Have some feedback for us? Use our help desk to learn more about what’s new and what you think we should add or improve.

* one app works across all networks!

About us

Want to know more

We Put the Red in Reddy

At Independent Health, we’re bringing the Redshirt Treatment® to the streets through Reddy Bikeshare!

We’re excited to bring 145 GPS-enabled bikes to the city of Niagara Falls, expanding the popular program that first brought 200 bikes to Buffalo for short-term, shared use in 2016, through our partnership with Shared Mobility, Inc. These bikes are there for your convenience, to help you get healthy and have fun at the same time.

Reddy Bikeshare is just one of the ways we’re working to improve the health and well-being of all Western New Yorkers. In fact, we partner with a lot of other local organizations to offer exciting new ways to help you get healthy.

That includes free outdoor fitness classes at a park near you every summer, health and wellness challenges held twice each year with daily prizes, educational events the whole family can enjoy, and so much more.

By putting our passion into action, we can help change the health of our community. After all, a healthy community is something that everyone can benefit from.

So whether you’re riding a Reddy bike to venture and explore, to fit in a quick workout, or as an alternate means of transportation, you’re helping us lead by example – and we applaud you for that.

Want to learn more about us? Click here.


WHAT  A program that offers the perfect vehicle to get around town whether it’s to commute to work, run errands, or just for fun. Reddy bikes are easily available to you on a short term basis and sharing them gives you the flexibility to return a bike to any designated location.

WHERE  200 bikes in Buffalo and 145 bikes in Niagara Falls are located at dozens of stations around both cities. Look for Reddy racks near you by downloading the Social Bicycles app or check out our map. 

HOW Use your app or computer to login to your account, or simply visit a station to reserve a bike. Ride to your destination and lock it to any Reddy rack or public bike rack. It’s that easy!

BENEFITS Bike sharing supports your health, the environment, and local businesses while also enhancing Buffalo’s transportation options.

Suggested Rides

Here’s some popular routes our members love. We think you’ll like them too! Check them out.

Delaware Park / Scajaquada Creek Trail

It doesn’t get much better than this beautiful and historic Frederick Law Olmsted-designed park. Find the Reddy station in St. George’s parking lot at the corner of Amherst St. and Nottingham Terrace. Circle Ring Road for 1 mile, and continue on the Scajacuada Creek Trail towards Hoyt Lake or the peaceful and serene Japanese Gardens adjacent to the Buffalo History Museum. This is one of the most popular rides for residents and visitors alike.

Historic East Side Ride

Starting from the Reddy station at the Buffalo Museum of Science, this 5.7 mile one-way trip will take you through Martin Luther King Jr. Park, down the Fillmore Ave. bike lane (a great North-South connector) past the Broadway Market, Buffalo’s Central Terminal (a historic landmark!) Torn Space, Larkinville, and will bring you right to Canalside - where there’s no shortage of Buffalo beauty. We also recommend you take a ride with the East Side Bike Club, they ride every Saturday in season from 10 am to noon and meet at MLK Park. 

Little Italy Ride

This 4.4 mile round trip ride will have you pedaling for about 30 minutes around the heart of the City in Niagara Falls, a neighborhood dubbed “Little Italy”. Start from the Reddy station in front of the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center and continue down Pine Ave, one of the city’s main commercial districts. 

Niagara Scenic Parkway Trail

You simply can’t visit the Falls without taking yourself on a self-guided bike tour along this stunningly beautiful trail. Pick up a Reddy bike at LaSalle Waterfront Park and ride along the southern perimeter of the city enjoying the waterfront, separated from vehicle traffic. Or pick up a Reddy bike anywhere downtown and from there head up north to Whirlpool State Park and Devil’s Hole State Park

North Buffalo Rail Trail

Another favorite among Reddy members, this is a perfect ride if you’re new to biking or bikesharing, or if you’re looking for a simple and easy route. Pick up a Reddy bike at LaSalle Metro Station and hop on the trailhead right there. You’ll pass Shoshone Park and ride through Linear Park. You can ride the Rail Trail all the way to Tonawanda’s Riverwalk if you’re feeling ambitious and have a full afternoon available! 

Queen City Bike Ferry to Outer Harbor

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the ferry did not run this year, but under normal circumstances, this is our favorite way to get to the Outer Harbor. Instead - take the Ohio St. bridge (it will be a little bit of a leg workout but you can do it!). You haven’t enjoyed Buffalo by bike until you’ve felt the breeze off the shores of Lake Erie on your face as you pedal on your way. You can also pick up a bike at the Reddy station in front of Lakeside Bike Park. And don’t leave before visiting Wilkeson Pointe, a beautiful 15-acre public space in partnership with Independent Health

West Side Water Front Ride

This 4.8 mile round trip ride will have you burning calories for about 30 minutes. Start and end at the Reddy station in the Five Points neighborhood. Click here for the google maps route to guide you along your way. Ride down the Shoreline Trail bike and pedestrian bridge that overlooks the Peace Bridge to Canada and then travel through LaSalle Park to the Lower West Side before returning to Five Points.

Member Benefits


Annual members of Reddy Bikeshare are eligible to receive one week of unlimited classes at Revolution Indoor Cycling. After your week is up you can take 10% off any class package, excluding unlimited packages and events. To redeem either offer, contact them by email at 


Any Reddy Bikeshare member with an active subscription can purchase a helmet from Campus Wheelworks for 20% off the retail price. Make sure to download the Social Bicycles app on your phone and login to view your active membership subscription. Stop by 744 Elmwood Ave. and show your active status to the Campus representative.

Our Partners

Our Team

Reddy Bikeshare is a program offered through Shared Mobility Inc., in partnership with Independent Health. Shared Mobility Inc. is a Buffalo-based non-profit that advances innovative transportation services that focus on a shared model. Together, in partnership with Independent Health, we’re working toward creating a culture of health in Western New York by supporting recreation and exercise through bicycling. 

Reddy Bikeshare was born from the success of a similar pilot program that began in 2012 on a local college campus, giving Buffalo the honor of hosting the nation’s first GPS-based bikeshare program.


Anders Gunnersen 

Co-Founder & CFO


Jennifer White 

Co-Founder & Communications Director


Nathan Schultz 

Director of Operations


Matthew Rebmann 

Fleet Manager

Safety Rules

Stay safe and follow the

  • Do a Pre-Ride Check

    Check the bike’s tire pressure, try the grip bell, and if you’re riding at night check that the front and rear lights are illuminated.

  • Wear a Helmet

    Wear a helmet whenever you ride. Always buckle the strap. Replace your helmet after any crash and whenever you see signs of damage. Avoid these common helmet mistakes

  • Follow the Rules

    Yield to pedestrians. Stop at all red lights and stop signs. Ride in the direction of traffic. Use the grip bell to signal your presence. Do not wear more than one earphone while riding.

  • Plan a Sensible Route

    Plan your route before you ride to follow the safest route to get you where you want to go. You can use our app to find your way to a bike you’ve reserved or to a hub when you want to end your ride.

  • Tips for Turns

    Use hand signals to let drivers and other cyclists know your intention to turn or to stop. Don’t turn or change lanes without knowing the position of the cars and bikes around you.

  • Be Predictable

    Make it easy for the other traffic around you. Don’t make unexpected turns that put yourself and others in danger. Ride at a steady pace so other vehicles can anticipate your movement.

Corporate Memberships

Foster Healthy Employees Through


1. To show your employees that you value them: Bike share is a creative and unique amenity that only a few employers in Buffalo can boast as an HR benefit.

2. Healthy body, healthy mind: Healthy recreation and transportation options during work hours contributes to a more productive workforce.

3. It will open the city up to your employees in new ways: Lunch breaks, work errands, and even transportation to and from the office will be more exciting for employees with access to bikes.

4. It’s not only an employee perk, it’s a lifestyle perk: Membership gets you 24/7 access to 385 bikes in Buffalo and Niagara Falls, available April - November.

5. Biking in Buffalo/Niagara is getting better and better: Reddy Bikeshare continually works with a large network of enthusiastic individuals and organizations to promote for safe streets and bike friendly infrastructure.

6. Helps ease some parking woes: Traffic and parking challenges can be a headache during the work day, take a bike to ease those frustrations - especially in downtown Buffalo! 

7. It’s great for morale: Biking is a great bonding activity for groups, and with Reddy bikes, you can track your own progress and have internal fitness challenges and contests. 

8. It’s easy and streamlined: Sign-up in minutes with our app. Reddy bike staff is available to help get your team get signed up and start riding. Together, we will formulate an internal marketing plan to promote biking to your employees. 

9. Support local: Not only does bikesharing inherently support the local economy, your partnership supports us; we are a bunch of Buffalo-born bike lovers, and we love working with the community. 

10. Biking is fun: We don’t think this needs explanation, biking is just plain fun!

Have a conference, group ride, or event coming up? Want to request a Reddy Bikeshare station in your community? Interested in offering Reddy Bikeshare memberships to your employees?

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